Terms of Service

Dear users, welcome to register as a user of Luowang big data precision advertising platform ("Luowang" for short). Please read the following terms of service carefully before registering.

First、【Declaration and Commitment】

1.1 Definition: The operating entity of Luowang, Jiangxi Guangeryi Technology Co., Ltd., provides services in accordance with the provisions of the "Luowang User Service Agreement" (referred to as the "Agreement"), which has the effect of a contract. Users must fully agree to this Agreement to enjoy the services provided by Luowang. Successful registration on Luowang indicates the complete acceptance of all the terms of this Agreement by the user. Before registering, users must carefully read this Agreement, and users can choose to "Accept" or "Reject" this Agreement (minors should review it with their legal guardians). Users have the right to use Luowang's relevant services only when accepting this Agreement. If you do not agree to this Agreement, you will be deemed to have waived becoming a user on this platform, and you will be unable to access the various services provided by this platform. If you accept the Agreement, it will be deemed that you have fully accepted this Agreement.

1.2 Various terms in this Agreement can be updated by the platform based on actual situations. Once the terms are updated, Luowang will prompt users on the login page, and users need to click "I Agree" or "I Disagree" before proceeding. The revised terms become effective from the moment users click "I Agree" and log in to the platform, becoming part of this Agreement. If you click "I Disagree," you will be unable to access other services provided by the platform. Additionally, the platform will notify users of the modified content through messages, and the modified Agreement will take effect on the webpage as soon as it is published, replacing the original terms. Users can log in to the Luowang website at any time to check the latest content of the Agreement.

1.3 This Agreement applies to various services provided by the platform. However, when using a specific service on the platform, if that service has a separate or special "Agreement" or rule, users must comply with both this Agreement and the separate or special "Agreement" or rule. In case of conflict, the separate or special "Agreement" or rule prevails over this Agreement.

Second、【User Qualifications】

2.1 Only individuals or entities meeting one of the following conditions can apply to become users of this platform and use the services provided by the platform.

1). Individuals who are at least eighteen years old and have full civil capacity and civil conduct capacity;

2). Individuals under the age of eighteen, with written consent from guardians (including but not limited to parents);

2.2 Companies, enterprises, institutions, social organizations, and other organizations established and legally existing according to Chinese laws or laws and/or regulations of the place of establishment. Individuals without civil conduct capacity, individuals with limited civil conduct capacity, and organizations without the right to operate or with specific operating qualifications shall not register as users of this platform or engage in transactions beyond their civil rights or conduct capacity. If discovered by the platform, the agreement between them and the platform is invalid from the beginning. Once discovered, the platform has the right to immediately cancel the user and pursue all legal responsibilities for their use of the platform's "services."

2.3 Users must provide their real names or company names, along with clear contact addresses and phone numbers.

Third、【User Rights and Obligations】

3.1 Users have the right to use Luowang's trading platform to publish task information, query media resource information, create quotations, place orders for advertising, participate in Luowang's activities, and enjoy other related information services provided by Luowang according to this Agreement and the rules published by Luowang.

3.2 Users have the right to change login passwords and payment passwords as needed. Users are fully responsible for all activities and events conducted with their username.

3.3 Users are obligated to ensure that any information and registration information provided to Luowang are true and accurate, including but not limited to the true company name, contact person's name, ID number, contact phone number, address, postal code, etc. Users must ensure that Luowang can contact them through the above contact methods. At the same time, users are obligated to update relevant registration information promptly when there are actual changes in the information.

3.4 Users are not allowed to transfer or authorize others to use their Luowang user accounts in any form.

3.5 Users are obligated to ensure the truth, accuracy, and non-misleading nature of order information on Luowang's trading platform.

3.6 Users are not allowed to publish information prohibited by the country on Luowang, nor are they allowed to publish information that infringes on the intellectual property or other legal rights of others, or information contrary to public interest or public morals.

3.7 Users should adhere to the principles of honesty and credit in Luowang's trading and not engage in disrupting online trading order through unfair competition, or engaging in unrelated activities on the trading platform or publishing any illegal information.

3.8 Users promise to comply with national laws, regulations, Luowang's relevant provisions, as well as various social public interests or public morals in all actions they perform on Luowang's trading platform. For any legal consequences, users will bear all legal responsibilities independently.

3.9 In the event of disputes with other users arising from online transactions on Luowang, users can request Luowang to coordinate. If users discover other users violating laws or this Agreement, they can report to Luowang. If users have lawsuits with other users due to online transactions, users have the right to request Luowang to provide relevant information through judicial departments.

3.10 Users should bear the relevant expenses incurred by transactions and pay taxes according to the law.

3.11 Without Luowang's written permission, users are not allowed to reproduce, modify, translate, or create derivative works in any form (including but not limited to the above forms) of Luowang's media information and any information displayed on the platform, nor distribute or publicly display them.

3.12 Users are not allowed to log in to the website or disrupt the services provided by the website in the following ways:

1) Accessing or logging into Luowang through automated means such as robot software, spider software, crawler software, screen scraping software, or other automatic methods;

2) Behaviors that may adversely affect Luowang's website structure through any means;

3) Interfering or attempting to interfere with Luowang's trading activities through any means;

3.13 Users agree to receive information from Luowang through the provided email and mobile phone, including but not limited to event information, transaction information, promotional information, etc.

Fourth、【Platform Usage Guidelines】

4.1 Prohibition of publishing, transmitting, disseminating, or storing content that violates national laws and regulations;

4.2 Violation of the basic principles established by the constitution;

4.3 Endangering national security, disclosing state secrets, subverting the state's political power, or undermining national unity;

4.4 Harming the honor and interests of the country;

4.5 Inciting ethnic hatred, discrimination, or damaging ethnic unity;

4.6 Undermining the state's religious policies, advocating cults, and feudal superstitions;

4.7 Spreading rumors, disrupting social order, and undermining social stability;

4.8 Disseminating obscene, pornographic, gambling, violent, terror-inducing, or crime-inciting content;

4.9 Insulting or defaming others, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others;

4.10 Inciting illegal gatherings, associations, parades, demonstrations, or disturbing social order;

4.11 Operating in the name of illegal non-governmental organizations;

4.12 Involving recent sensitive speech and activities, criticizing others' products or advertisements, conducting negative promotions;

4.13 Containing other content prohibited by laws, regulations, or administrative regulations.

4.14 Once the platform discovers users posting the above illegal content, the platform will not approve it, and has the right to suspend or delete the activity at any time. The platform also has the right to report to relevant government authorities such as public security and industry and commerce. The consequences will be borne by the advertiser. From the moment the user posts illegal content, it is considered a breach of contract, and the platform will no longer fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.

4.15 If users publish false information leading to adverse consequences, advertisers should bear corresponding responsibilities, unrelated to the platform. If users violate national laws and regulations, this Agreement, or maliciously attack the platform, the platform has the right to stop providing services to users without any liability. If this leads to any damage to the platform or any disputes, lawsuits, or claims from third parties, users must compensate the platform for corresponding losses, including litigation fees, lawyer fees, other third-party fees, business impact losses, and any other costs. Users are also fully responsible for all consequences resulting from their violation of the Agreement.

Fifth、【Rights and Obligations of Luowang】

5.1 Luowang only provides a trading platform for users, and users must ensure that all information is truthful, valid, and legal.

5.2 Luowang has the obligation to ensure the normal operation of the entire online trading platform based on the existing technological level, avoiding service interruptions or limiting interruption time to the shortest possible duration, ensuring the smooth progress of users' online trading activities.

5.3 Luowang has the obligation to promptly respond to issues encountered by users in registering and using the Luowang platform.

5.4 Luowang has the right to review users' registration information. For any problematic or suspicious registration information, Luowang has the right to send notifications, request explanations, corrections, or take actions such as penalties, information deletion, or account deletion without prior notice to the user.

5.5 In case of quality disputes between users arising from online transactions on Luowang, users agree that Luowang will judge and arbitrate the disputes based on a pre-established system quality inspection process. During the judgment process, Luowang has the right to contact the parties involved through email and phone to understand the situation and coordinate communication. The final decision will be made based on the information obtained, and users agree to accept Luowang's arbitration leading to compensation or deduction.

5.6 Luowang is not obligated to pre-examine all users' registration information, all transaction behaviors, and other matters related to transactions on the platform. However, if the following situations occur, Luowang has the right to restrict the user's activities, verify relevant information, issue warning notices, temporarily suspend, suspend indefinitely, or refuse to provide services to the user:

1) Users violate this Agreement or are mentioned in documents that are included in this Agreement;

2) Users or other third parties notify Luowang, believing that a user or a specific transaction involves illegal or improper behavior and provide relevant evidence, but Luowang cannot contact the user to verify the information provided to Luowang by the user;

3) Users or other third parties notify Luowang, believing that a user or a specific transaction involves illegal or improper behavior and provide relevant evidence. Luowang uses the knowledge level of ordinary non-professional traders as a standard to judge the relevant content, and it is clear that such content or behavior may cause financial losses or legal liabilities to Luowang users or Luowang itself.

5.7 Based on national laws and regulations, the content of this Agreement, and the facts known to Luowang, Luowang may determine that a user has engaged in illegal or violating behavior under this Agreement, or other improper behavior on the Luowang platform. Luowang has the right to publicly disclose the user's illegal behavior on the Luowang platform through online publication and has the right to delete related information, terminate service provision, etc., without the user's consent.

5.8 Luowang has the right, without notifying users, to delete or take other restrictive measures against the following information: including but not limited to information aimed at evading fees; operating with the aim of manipulating credit; containing malicious or false content, unrelated to online transactions or not for the purpose of trading; involving malicious ordering or other factors attempting to disrupt normal trading order; the information violates public interests or may seriously harm Luowang and other users' legal interests.

Sixth、 [Interruption and Termination of Services]

6.1 In the absence of charging users for relevant service fees, this platform may independently decide to terminate services to users for any reason (including but not limited to the platform's belief that the user has violated the literal meaning and spirit of this Agreement, or the user has not logged into the platform for more than 180 days), and no longer retain all information of the user on this platform (including but not limited to user information, product information, transaction information, etc.). At the same time, this platform may independently decide, with or without notice, to stop providing all or part of the services. After the service is terminated, this platform is not obligated to retain the original user information or any related information, or forward any unread or unsent messages to the user or a third party.

6.2 If a user requests to cancel their registered user identity on the platform, it must be reviewed and approved by the platform. After the platform cancels the registered user, the user terminates the agreement with the platform. However, the platform still reserves the following rights:

1) After the user is canceled, the platform has the right to retain the user's information, including but not limited to previous user information, transaction records, etc.

2) After the user is canceled, if the user engaged in illegal or violating behavior on the platform's trading platform before cancellation or violated this Agreement, the platform can still exercise the rights stipulated in this Agreement.

6.3 The platform may terminate services by canceling the user in the following cases:

1) The platform has the right to terminate services to a user who violates the relevant provisions of this Agreement. The platform will notify the user when the service is interrupted. However, if the user, after the platform terminates the service, directly or indirectly re-registers as a user on the platform, or registers on behalf of others, the platform has the right to unilaterally terminate services to the user again;

2) Once the platform discovers that the main content of a user's registration information is false, the platform has the right to terminate services to the user at any time;

3) In case of cheating, the website can take measures accordingly, including canceling the user.

6.4 Other situations deemed necessary for service termination by the platform.

Seventh、[Intellectual Property Rights]

7.1 Luowang and any related software, programs, content used by Luowang, including but not limited to works, images, files, data, website architecture, website layout arrangements, webpage designs, advertisements, or information presented to users by Luowang or advertisers, are legally protected by Luowang or other rights holders, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, patent rights, or other exclusive rights. Without explicit authorization from Luowang or the rights holder, users agree not to modify, rent, lease, sell, distribute any materials and resources used by Luowang, or create any kind of items based on the above materials and resources.

7.2 Luowang grants users a non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use Luowang's target code ("software") via a computer. However, users are not allowed and shall not permit any third party to copy, modify, create derivative works, reverse engineer, decompile the software in any way, or attempt to decipher or attempt to decipher the source code, or sell, transfer, or reauthorize the software in any way. Users agree not to modify the "software" in any way or use modified "software."

7.3 Users may not use Luowang via interfaces not provided by Luowang.

Eighth、[Force Majeure]

8.1 If the performance of this Agreement becomes impossible, unnecessary, or meaningless due to force majeure or other unexpected events, neither party shall be held responsible. Force majeure in this Agreement also refers to objective situations that cannot be foreseen, avoided, and overcome, including but not limited to war, typhoons, floods, fires, lightning or earthquakes, strikes, riots, statutory diseases, hacking attacks, network viruses, technical control by the telecommunications department, government actions, or any other natural or man-made disasters.


9.1 When users accept this agreement, users should clearly understand and agree that: Users use this website at their own risk. Although this website provides services based on existing technology, despite reasonable efforts to maintain the normal operation of online transactions, this website cannot foresee any technical issues or other difficulties at any time, which may affect your trading activities (including but not limited to transaction delays, transaction failures, etc.). Please consider the risks that may arise from using the services provided by this website's trading platform. This website does not guarantee the following:

1) This website will meet all user requirements;

2) This website can provide services without interference, in a timely manner, securely, reliably, or free from faults or errors under any circumstances;

3) The data sources and results obtained by this website's trading services are correct or reliable;

4) Whether downloading or obtaining any materials through this website, users should consider, evaluate, and assume risks on their own. Users are responsible for any damage to their computer system or loss of data caused by downloading any materials;

5) Advice and information obtained by users through this website, in any form or representation, do not constitute any guarantees not expressly stipulated in this Agreement.

9.2 For the following reasons resulting in users' profit, goodwill loss, or other intangible losses, this website assumes no direct or indirect compensation liability:

1) Use or inability to use this website;

2) Unauthorized access or changes to user data;

3) Statements or actions of any third party on this website;

4) The legality, authenticity, and quality of tasks posted by users, as well as users' ability to fulfill transactions. This website has no obligation to review in advance and does not assume any joint liability;

5) Links provided by this website to other websites or resources. Users may connect to websites operated by other operators, but this does not imply any relationship between this website and these operators. This website does not manage or supervise the content of these linked websites and web pages. This website is not liable for any damages or losses caused by the use or reliance on any content, items, or services published on or obtained through such websites or resources.

Tenth、 [Dispute Resolution Method]

10.1 The validity, performance, and all matters related to the effectiveness of this Agreement and its revised editions will be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China, and any disputes will only apply to the laws of the People's Republic of China.

10.2 Any disputes arising from the use of this platform service will be subject to the jurisdiction of the court with jurisdiction over the location of this platform, and users agree to this.